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FlyoverWorks: Who are we?

For the past several years, the teams at Federis Group and Inkling have been devising, designing, and developing software products. We've had an extremely close working relationship, building products together and sharing best practices, helping hands, and even office space. While we shared a lot, our company-building efforts were separate, parallel efforts.

We started talking about what a combined company might look like and the more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea. We'd gain obvious benefits like increased cooperation and savings from combining back-office operations, but also some more nuanced wins like having the scale to free people up to focus on things they're good at. To that end, we've decided to combine our efforts as a new company, FlyoverWorks.

FlyoverWorks is a software design and development company that focuses on web and mobile software. Our mission is to build software and solutions, both for clients and our own products, that help organizations work in new ways. And as a company, we have some guiding principles:

1. Get things done 

We want to be the people who will roll up our sleeves, put in the work, and get things done. We don't make excuses, avoid challenging problems, or act as if something is "below" us. If something needs to be done, we want to be the people who step up and do it. Even if a task isn’t in our wheelhouse, we’re willing to be the ones to learn, figure out a solution, and get it done for the good of the team and/or client.

2. Be nice

A friendly, polite person is a much more enjoyable person to work with and be around. Just because Steve Jobs was famous for being a jerk doesn't mean you need to be a jerk to be successful. We want to prove that nice guys and girls can finish first.

3. Solutions, not just complaints

We believe that any complaint should be accompanied by a potential solution or remedy. Equally important is a willingness to pursue and implement those solutions. Complaining for the sake of complaining is destructive and can bring people around us down. We should happily support those around us where and when we can.

4. Iterate the company like we iterate software

We believe that FlyoverWorks is and always will be a work in progress. When we build software, we frequently talk about how we constantly iterate and improve the software and experience of using it. The more we dig into a problem, the better we understand it and therefore can devise better solutions to that problem. We take the same approach to the company itself. We're constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline our processes and operations.

5. No energy vampires

We all know the type. You're having a good day until an energy vampire comes in, sucks the energy out of the room and brings everyone down. Instead of bringing other people down, we should focus on building each other up. Everyone should feel comfortable asking for assistance and be equally willing to provide it.

If you'd like to follow our story as we work to build FlyoverWorks, you can follow us on twitter: @flyoverworks