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We make web and mobile apps

Whether it's helping open a new customer channel by building you a mobile app or using our technology to tap the creativity and knowledge of your employees to drive innovation, we are obsessive about quality, streamlined process, and transparency. We aren't into theoretical or digital elitism. We're just passionate about helping you grow your business.

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So, it's been a while... A bunch of you have asked why I haven't posted my site. I'd been meaning to update a few things that I wasn't thrilled about with my final project. But life happened, and I haven't been able to fix the issues. So here's what I'm going to do... DISCLAIMER: It probably looks like crap in IE browsers. It is not responsive on mobile, the way I wanted it to be, so don't look at it on your phones. Check it out in Chrome or Safari at a standard browser
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FlyoverWorks is excited to announce the release of Storytime 2.0! We've taken our learnings from the original version of Storytime and built some terrific new features that we're proud to share with the Rails community.1. Combined CMS, Blog, & Admin Features In most applications that we build for clients, we end up needing
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I recently gave a talk at 1871 titled Working with Developers as a Non-Technical Person.Below is an abstract of the talk, which will appear again at 1871 in the future. I also wanted to make the slides available, which can be found here.
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